Competitive Program

ICON Dance Company offers an intensive competitive program. We want our dancers to push the limits of their boundaries and experience new, exciting choreography. Performing on stage is an opportunity every dancer should have and we hope to provide that to as many of our students as possible!

Dancers being considered for the competitive program will undergo an auditioning process. (It is highly recommended that dancers under the age of 6 who wish to audition for competition attend a pre competitive workshop before attempting the auditions.) All dancers will be auditioned before being considered for the Competitive Program. 

As a part of the Competitive program we your dancer should be on an unlimited dance class plan which can be found HERE. The more training your dancer receives the more likely they are to succeed. 


Pricing for the intensive program can be found by contacting or calling 403-230-1011.

Auditions will be held between September - October 2021 . Forms will be available in the Fall.