COVID - 19 Safety and Guidelines

Below are the new guidelines and policies for ICON Dance Company regarding Covid - 19 and how it affects the studio and our dancers. 

1. Social Distancing will be implemented throughout every class. Lines and boxes have been marked on the studio room floors to keep a minimum safe distance of 6ft. We will encourage dancers to maintain this distance between each other during class and throughout the studio as much as possible.

2. Covid - 19 waivers will be required to be signed at the start of the year, these waivers will be to assure ICON Dance Company you will adhere to all new policies and procedures to prevent any transmission of the virus in our studio. Any signs or symptoms of illness should be taken seriously and you should stay home. Online options will be available to you if you need to miss classes.

3. Hand sanitizing and hand washing will be encouraged throughout class. It will be mandatory between classes to sanitize hands or wash hands. 

4. Disinfection of rooms will occur between each class. This will include sanitization of barres, handles, and any surface that may have been touched. Floors will be disinfected at the end of each night, or if necessary between classes.

5. When possible dancers are to be dropped off with parents staying outside, to minimize the use of the common areas. Bags and dance supplies should be kept to the minimum amount possible. 

6. Masks will be worn by teachers when 2m social distancing is not possible. During teaching or class time teachers will maintain distance so as to not require a mask. Students will be required to wear masks in class, and are to wear masks in common areas. 

These measures will be implemented at the beginning of the season and will continue until further notice. We do not know when the threat of Covid - 19 will be over but we will remain vigilant in our continued fight to give you the best quality of dance lessons while keeping every person as safe as possible.   

Your dancers ICON COVID Checklist

Download your copy HERE

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