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Recital Tickets -
Link will not be active until May 11th @ 1pm.

Link to buy tickets below.


Guide to buying tickets for Recital 2024.
There is a limit of 6 tickets per show this year for each show. More tickets will be available once guaranteed tickets are sold. 
Your first 4 tickets for any one show are purchased at the cost of $25.00 each. Any subsequent tickets will be $20.00 each.
If you are required to attend more than one recital performance your tickets will be discounted by half for your second show at a cost of $12.50 each. Your first show tickets will be at the regular rate. 
Any discrepancies in purchasing online will be corrected in the office at the studio before receiving your tickets.
Please remember, if you buy your tickets online you are unable to pick your seats and they will be assigned to you. Any tickets bought online will be subject to a service fee of 5% added at the end of your purchase. Tickets must be picked up during regular office hours by June 15th. Times to pick up tickets can be arranged after the 15th but will be at times avaible to ICON staff only.    

Examples below:

Sarah has two dancers in 2 recitals, she needs to buy 6 tickets for Show #1 and 4 tickets for Show #2. She would purchase 4 (MATINEE 1-4) Tickets @ $25.00ea and 2 (MATINEE 5-6) Tickets @ $20.00ea. Then for EVENING SHOW she would purchase all 4 (EVENING SHOW Second Show Tickets) tickets @ $12.50ea. If you do not have dancers in two shows you will not be able to use the discount for tickets. If they are purchased incorrectly the cost will be corrected in the office before you are able to pick them up. 

If you have any questions about tickets you can email
Or Tickets are available for purchase in person.

The first ticket sale in-person will be May 11th from 1:00-4:00pm. After this date tickets will be available for purchase in the office every day the office is open until June 15th. Tickets can be purchased online until June 28th. Tickets will not be available to purchase after this date or at the show, you must purchase them on or before June 15th (In-person) or June 28th (Online only). TICKETS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT RECITAL.


3150, 47 Legacy View

Calgary, AB T2X 4A7


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